Five Things I Am Not Thankful For

Houston Freeways1. Insane Freeway Drivers: When did Houston’s freeways become racetracks? There’s a lot of crazy people driving at crazy speeds and pulling crazy stunts. They are a menace to society and a danger to themselves. And especially to me. Has all sanity suddenly slipped?

2. Dueling News Shows: I get hundreds of TV channels, most of which are nonstop news shows with talking heads reporting things they’ve already said a dozen times. Okay, maybe not most of the channels, but too many of them! I just love the promotional spots they do about their own news casters, as if I would select my news based on how personable and civic-minded the talking heads were. It’s insane and I’m getting off the merry-go-round.

3.  Day Light Savings Time: Really? Sure, it served a purpose. But its 2015 and hundreds of millions of us don’t want it anymore. Did you know that the hour of lost sleep contributes to diminished productivity, diagnosed depression, and other desperate behaviors and thoughts? Whatever value DST once had, it’s done; it’s had its day. And I say it’s high time we pull the shade on it. Uh-Huh.

4. Home Invasions-The Telephone: There should be a law limiting telemarketers to when they can make their unwanted, uninvited invasions into our homes. No more than an hour a day sounds about right. I mean, good grief Charlie Brown, enough is enough. Can we get to the place where arrests can be made, fines issued, and community service inflicted? Telemarketing is a blemish on the landscape of America. I vote revolt.

5. Lines, Lines, Everywhere A Line: Keeping me waiting in line has become a global obsession. The freeways are just lines of unmoving traffic, except for the crazies mentioned above. I can’t remember waiting less than 45 minutes to be called in a Doctor’s office. At the pharmacy, there is always a line ahead of me and when I’m done, there isn’t anyone behind me. How can that be? And don’t get me started about drive through lines. “Drive through lines,” are you kidding? They should be called “crawl through lines.” It’s out of control. I’ve had it with the lines.

These are five things for which I am not thankful. Yes, I know, it’s the season to give thanks and I do, mostly. It annoys me that the apostle Paul said to, “Give thanks in all circumstances.” Easy for him to say, he didn’t live in 21st century America with all of our challenges and problems. Clearly his was a life of simple, peaceful existence. I might be more thankful if my life was as easy and free of conflict as his was. Don’t you think?

It’s just a thought, thanks.