Because of the Kids

In addition to being a minister and pastor, I am also a writer. I have written two books, “Jesus Our Messiah,” examining the Old Testament to see how Jesus became the Messiah, and “Odd Uncle Charlie, a book about the Holy Spirit. This spring, “Diving In” will be released, it’s about God’s transformational power through the new birth.

But lately, I have had a growing interest in writing for children. If you follow my blog, you know that kids are a frequent topic. Over the years they have become more important to me, and maybe it is because I do not have grandchildren. Anyway, I have lots of friends who are children and I wrote a book for them.

It is a story about Chunky, a curious raccoon, and Chester, an energetic little squirrel. Their first adventure discovers the true meaning of Christmas. Our little friends find a way to travel back in time to see the infant King and to learn about why he came. Each book to come will focus on an exciting Bible story that kids know and love.

The series will promote respect, good character, and the value of friendship. Each one will encourage faith and help instill a growing awareness of God’s love.

This First Volume
Chunky and Chester’s Fantastic Adventures
Book One: Discovering the meaning of Christmas

Chunky and Chester’s Fantastic Adventures.

If interested, you can order a copy by clicking the link below and follow the Event Registration Tab at the top, and it will take you to my books.

For those who are local, the book will be available this Sunday at the Southeast church.

God bless you, and have a very Chunky Christmas!

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