An Actual Christmas Event!

This past year seems like one long disappointment. Trips, vacations, sports events, family reunions, and many other activities have been canceled. The primary reason has been the concern of COVID-19 spreading to others and ourselves.

We are beyond tired of wearing masks, and as the days roll on, of hearing conflicting reports regarding their effectiveness. Cases have spiked just about everywhere, and the pandemic remains a significant contributor to the demise of many. 

Even so, the nation moves forward. We are working because not working creates certain problems of another kind. We are flying on planes, taking taxis, using Uber, and going places again. The masks and social distancing remain intact but are no longer the restricting force they once were.

As was the case on Saturday when our church held an event. It was called “A Storybook Christmas” and was attended by young families who yearned for something normal, for something fun that COVID wasn’t going to cancel. The event was well planned and respected safety protocols. 

The Event

  • a Christmas story was read to the children
  • tables were set up for each family to enjoy holiday crafts
  • decorating Christmas cookies was a lot of fun
  • a photo op with Santa, but no sitting on Santa’s lap please

It was fun, and everyone had a good time. Parents got pictures of their kids with Santa, appropriately distanced. But Covid took it in the teeth on this one. A Storybook Christmas didn’t get canceled and it was a sweet event for young families with young children. It happened, and it was glorious.

It reminded me of some other things:

  1. Noah finished the ark, as difficult as it was, and saved his family from a threat that lay dormant for so long and then flooded upon the scene. 
  2. Abraham and Sara waited for God to fulfill his promise to give them a son. It got tricky a time or two, but still, they waited and received what had been assured to them. 
  3. Hannah was grieved and hurt. She asked God to give her a son and remove her shame and bitterness of soul. He did, and she named him Samuel. 
  4. The world waited for redemption. At times patiently, and at times the other thing. But come it did, gloriously and beautifully. And each year, we remember the story and are reminded of how great it was that our God came near. He was Immanuel, the Son of God.

Not everything happens on the day, month, or year of our desire. It often happens in His moment, and so we wait in faith, trusting that he will keep his word and fulfill his promise. 

We wait still. We wait for redemption from a world often characterized by heartache and heartbreak. This world has many problems and troubles, and at times we groan for the day when we are relieved by his reveal. 

Will it be today? It might.

Anyway, this past Saturday, we got to do something sweet, fun, and exciting. The dreaded COVID did’nt not knock it down, beat it up, or force it out. 

Hang in there. The things we dread will not defeat us. They will not render us sad and bitter. They will not be the final word. God will have the last word, and it will be one of eternal promise.

Have a blessed day!

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