I Love a Good Test

I recently joined the ranks of those who have been tested for Covid 19. I don’t have it. I had many of the symptoms, although not a fever. Perhaps it was just a cold. I’m fine and thankful. 

However, the experience of getting tested was not what I expected. Allow me to elucidate. 

  1. I found a convenient place. 
  2. Their site promoted the following:
  •  online appointments
  • online registration
  •  curbside testing
  • rapid result tests
  • self-selecting an appointment based on their online schedule

All of that was attractive, so I began by setting up an online account that required my driver’s license and insurance card. Then I was prompted to complete the medical forms and provide other bits of information. Okay, ten minutes later, I was done.

Next was selecting an appointment for the curbside test. They had an opening for 11:30, and I took it. Once that was confirmed, a message popped up, instructing me to arrive ten minutes early; I wondered why, but okay, no problem. 

I arrived not ten but fifteen minutes early because that is how I am. I looked for cars in line but didn’t see any. They had no provision for curbside service. I parked, put on my mask, went inside, and joined the line of people waiting to speak to the receptionist. The short line bore no resemblance to a short wait.

When it was my turn, I asked where the curbside testing was located. The receptionist replied, “We don’t have curbside service.” I responded with, “Well, your website features it quite prominently.” She said, “That’s not my problem. Do you have an appointment?” I said, “Yes, at 11:30 for a covid test.” I was then asked to sign in, and doing so required a pen from one of two jars. One had a label that read CLEAN while the other read DIRTY. She noticed that I picked a pen from the DIRTY group, which annoyed her, and she said so. I apologized for not seeing the labels. She said to return the pen to the DIRTY jar, disinfect my hands from a pump on the counter, and then select a pen from the CLEAN jar using my recently disinfected hands. 

Then I was handed a clipboard and told to fill out the pages. I glanced at the first page and said, “Mam, I have already done these forms on your website.” She said, “It doesn’t matter; if you want to see a doctor, you have to fill out the forms.” So I filled them out, returned the clipboard, and then was asked for my driver’s license and insurance card. Once again, “I already scanned these; you already have them.” She said, “It doesn’t matter; if you want to see a doctor today, I need copies of your license and insurance card.” I gave them to her and sat down. Bear in mind that my 11:30 appointment was already ancient history. 

I waited and then waited some more. Finally, at 12:20, my name was called and yahoo for me. The nurse checked my vitals and asked some questions. Then says, “It will be a few minutes; I need to get my thermometer from the other room.” I timed her; it took seven minutes. She checked my temperature, no fever. She said the doctor would be in shortly. Twelve minutes later, he comes in, gives me the deep core drilling swab, and says, you can go to the waiting room; we will have your results in fifteen minutes. 

Not me, but close, really very close.

Twenty minutes later, the nurse tells me it was negative. I was so happy, not about the outcome, as much as being able to leave. Another glance at the time: I had been there for two hours.

I was glad to not have the virus and said a prayer of thanks. I drove home, feeling blessed that I wouldn’t have to cope with Covid’s weird way of being minimal for some and deadly for others. 

To Close

Jesus once told a crowd that they could come to him and find rest for their souls. He said that his burden was light, suggesting that he had few, if any, burdens for others to carry. He taught that following him was simple, and doing so required no forms, no hassles, no I.D. cards, and no waiting. He was right on all accounts.

Thank you, Jesus!

One thought on “I Love a Good Test

  1. Yes, thank you Jesus! And thank you that Bro. Rick tested negative for covid. Bro. Rick, might I suggest that you carry your own pen with you everywhere you go. That’s what I do because my husband makes beautiful pens and that way I never have to come in contact with a “dirty” pen when my signature is needed. Just a suggestion. By the way, we missed you yesterday! Be Blessed!


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