Stop Pushing Me To Agree With You

Lately I have been faced with lots of decisions. Here are some of them.

  1. To enter restaurants or not.
  2. To vote Republican/Trump or Democrat/Biden.
  3. To stay put during hurricane Laura or evacuate.
  4. To shake hands or not.
  5. To judge those who disagree with me or not.

There are other decisions, but they are smaller, and I am not thinking about them, maybe later.

As for the decisions I am thinking about, I’ll make the following comments.


Honestly, I have frequented them more than I thought I would. An important aspect to my ministry is being available. Often, availability is defined by my fitting in to other people’s schedules. Their schedules are often restricted to breakfasts and lunches. Do I go or not go? It is a decision I have to make every day.


I was born here. As an American citizen, am I guaranteed the right to privacy? Does the Bill of Rights provide a right to privacy? I don’t believe it does. But who I vote for, or whether I vote at all, is no one’s business but my own. It is a decision I get to make. Please stop pushing me to agree with your decision, whatever it is.


Last Tuesday morning the best information was that the storm would become a category 4 and track towards Houston. So, we evacuated. By Wednesday evening the storm did intensify but then tracked easterly instead of westerly. There was little rain or wind in Houston that night. I felt silly for having left. I guess it is better to be safe than sorry. It was a decision I had to make.


We were warned that to keep America safe we needed social distancing, no person to person contact. At first, we were told that face coverings were not a deterant. Now, it is the law. Some have rejected these warnings, suggesting that true beleivers trust God, and that the Lord will keep us safe if we trust him. What decsion have you made? Is shaking hands still a risk? How much science and/or media coverage is involved? To touch or not touch is a decision I make every day.


First of all, let me confess. I like judging others and I am good at it. How about you? My biggest judging challenge is how quick I am to judging others who are judgmental. It’s like saying, “I despise prejudiced people,” or “I hate those who hate,” or “I am so biased against those who discriminate.” Each day it is a decision I have to make. Someone once said this:

“Those who say that they can take it or leave it are usually taking it.”

As for judging, I’m usually “taking it,” meaning I’m doing the judging. It’s poor form, and it’s wrong.


He chose not to judge but instead to love. Jesus wasn’t political, but honored the Law of Moses and even taught his disciples to pay their taxes. When reminded that people in Jerusalem were going to hurt him he stayed where he was for a few days. When crowds got unruly he went into the mountains. Did he not trust his Father? As for touching others, yes, he touched the sick and the lepers. But he had something that I dont, he was the Son of God, and was never going to die from disease or leprosy. His appointment with death was already fixed, it was on a hill far away.

Jesus had to make decisions every day, and so do we. Let’s make good ones.

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