A Mother’s Voice

NOTE: This narrative is based in scripture and imagined by fiction. It’s the Christmas story told by those closest to the event, read accordingly. Thanks.


The Voices of Christmas

Part Eleven

On the western side of our village is a rocky ledge with a view of orchards and fields in a small valley below. There are olives, figs and pomegranates and acres of wheat reaching up to the summer sun. Every time I go there it fills me with hope knowing that everything has a moment, or a season, of beauty and great worth. Maybe that’s why I go so often, in the hope that I too will realize a moment of beauty and worth.

The daydreams of an ordinary girl living an ordinary life

It’s silly for I am neither beautiful nor have any particular worth. I am an unknown person living in a village where nothing special ever happens. Nazareth is not the place to live if you are hoping for something extraordinary. Well, except for this:

As of today I am eight months pregnant. 

THE DIFFERENCE: It isn’t extraordinary to be pregnant since young wives have babies often enough. But my baby is different. You won’t believe it but I have never been with a man. My purity is my vow to God, it’s how I serve him, and how I honor my family. I am betrothed, but we haven’t been together, I promise before God. But I am with child.

DO YOU BELIEVE? That’s extraordinary isn’t it? A Jewish girl who is pregnant by the power of the Spirit will deliver a son to reign on David’s throne! I have treasured these things and pondered them. But many don’t believe, choosing instead to accuse, scoff and ridicule. Rabbis, Synagogue Rulers, village elders and many others refuse to believe. I’ve explained over and over about Gabriel, but it doesn’t matter, they can’t see it.

I am the Lord’s servant, may it be done unto me as he has said. 

A JOURNEY: Joseph and I leave next week for Bethlehem, the town of David, in compliance with the Census. It will be a difficult journey, and Joseph feels strongly that I should stay in Nazareth, but I believe the Lord wants me in Bethlehem, that there is a purpose for it. Is it the Micah prophecy? Could it be?

My uncle has offered the use of a donkey, so at least I won’t have to walk. Im sure everything will be fine. We will get there, register for the census, and then get back to Nazareth. The whole trip shouldn’t take a week.

But here is a thought I keep having. The Lord has chosen me to bring Emanuel into the world. God is coming and it’s happening through child birth, it’s happening through me.

TheNativity (600 x 300)

The Messiah will arrive as a new born infant, helpless and dependent. I will care for him, nurture him and provide all his needs. I will love and protect him. He will be my firstborn and I will be his mother. I will hold him to my breast and nurse the Son of God.

The Lord has entrusted the salvation of the world to a teenaged girl, to me.

It will be a day of glad tidings, news of great joy, a Merry-Christ birth

Blessed be the name of the Lord

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