A Kingmaker’s Voice

NOTE: This narrative is based in scripture and imagined by fiction. It’s the Christmas story told by those closest to the event, read accordingly. Thanks.

The Voices of Christmas

Part Nine

Some say we are the power. Or that we wield it but from behind the throne. Some suggest we have more power than the one on the throne. This may all be accurate. Our group has been influencing kings, shaping kingdoms, and guiding great events for centuries. We are the Magi, the Wise Men of the East.

wise men 4


Mistake us not for common parlor magicians. We are astronomers, scientists, philosophers and counselors to kings and those royal born. Our order isn’t interested in the petty pursuit of wealth or the unbridled acquisition of things. Although we’ve benefited from our labors our purpose isn’t to own the world but to capture knowledge, to gain faith, and a better understanding of the divine.

From a century long past a Hebrew man named Daniel left us knowledge of a king who would be born among his people. A king of kings to rule with the power and majesty of the one God. For hundreds of years our caste has waited for his birth, and while we waited, we taught each new generation of our brothers. Each year we search the skies for the sign of his birth. We exist to worship him and present him with the gifts that have been given to kings in kingdoms all over the East. Seeing this king is our greatest purpose and most glorious resolve.

Tonight it happened, after years, decades and centuries, we have seen his star.

   And now we must go. The gifts are well guarded, as are we, by our warriors sworn to protect us and our divine purpose. It is Jerusalem we seek and it will require many days.

wisemen 5


We try to imagine how it happened, marveling that a king could be born in Palestine, a vassal state of the Roman empire. We know King Herod is not the rightful king of Judea, but a political pawn, a violent man, and will certainly interfere. We will be careful of him.

Was Daniel truly divine in his dreams and visions? Will there be a kingdom of righteousness with this infant king? For he has come to a world that is ripped and raped by a Roman dynasty intent on enslaving everyone in its path.


We can only imagine a king that could be known as the Prince of Peace, Everlasting Father and a Wonderful Counselor. How mighty would that king be? Imagine a kingdom built with divine love and ruled by compassion for those in need. A kingdom without wars and pillaging, or the unquenchable desire to destroy all who get in the way.

Could this really happen? Will the infant king be enough: strong enough, loving and good enough to build such a kingdom? We hope and pray that he is. So, we seek him.

For it’s almost as if God himself had come to help us. 

May the name of Daniel’s God be praised.

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