A Deceiver’s Voice

NOTE: This narrative is based in scripture and imagined by fiction. It’s the Christmas story told by those closest to the event, read accordingly. Thanks.

The Voices of Christmas

Part Eight

Hope springs eternal. Perhaps so, and I dread that it might, because hope fills me with fear and I hate being afraid. I much prefer to fill the hearts of others with it.


Word of this virgin girl’s pregnancy reached my ears. At first I was doubtful and dismissive for Nazareth fails to square up with expectations. But then a nagging sense of something grew like a thorn in my eye and I renewed my interest with hurried passion. Against all knowledge I came to believe it was her, that she was the one.

Now I must act for the one within her must not come to be.



It was brilliant to hide her in that pitiful village, for it’s nothing but a stain on the road, a sorry pit for the pathetic and impoverished. It’s a place to go unnoticed. Their only distinction is being nothing special. So, I’ll hand it to him, I nearly missed it.

Note: If I can end the baby there then I can end it for all time everywhere.


  • Fill Joseph’s heart with jealousy, betrayal and bitterness.
  • Break up the betrothal and prevent the marriage.
  • Cast Mary in the light of adultery, fornication and defilement.
  • Create a physical trauma that will kill her unborn baby.
  • If she goes to Bethlehem then evil must befall her on the journey.
  • But, if she makes it, I’ll force her to give birth in filthy, unclean conditions.
  • Daniel’s Magi will find the baby and I’ll force them back to Herod.
  • I’ll give King Herod the idea of killing the baby, or all the babies.
  • But if they escape Judea, I’ll make sure they engage violent men.

I must thwart the ancient one’s plan to redeem the world. If he comes here he will be crowned the King of Kings and will offer mercy and grace to mankind. So, he must not be born, he must die and not on a hill faraway on an old rugged cross, but from a miscarriage, or disease, or an infection. Maybe he could be crushed by an animal in the stable, hmmm, so many possibilities.

The forces of this broken world must be unleashed for his destruction. The child must never take his first breath. But if somehow he makes it to birth then I’ll intensify my efforts to destroy him.

Note: I must not fail at this.


You know me. I am the Great Deceiver, the Prince of Darkness, a liar and the father of lies. I am Satan and let no one doubt my intension or my resolve.


There won’t be any fulfilled prophecies. There will be no good news, no miracles, signs or wonders. The brokenhearted will not be bound up. The sinners will go unforgiven. The prisoners will not be released. There will be no Prince of Peace or Wonderful Counselor. I will not allow this merry event to happen but instead will plunge this world into everlasting darkness.

I am the great serpent and I rule this world through hopelessness and despair.

This I vow: The Galilean girl and her baby will not emerge victorious.


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