Halos and Wings: Maybe?

NOTE-this December series is a narrative from scripture and from fiction. It’s the story of Christmas as told by those who were closest to the event. Please read accordingly, thanks.

The Voices of Christmas

Part Two

    There isn’t a memory of my not being here. As far as I can determine I have always been in the presence of God. To comprehend his presence requires a language that none of you speak, it’s angelic and beyond your grasp. For you were made just a little lower. Words like glory, splendor, majesty and radiance speak of his presence, but again, they are limited in scope.

I have found that many believe that we angels look something like this: 

Little angels to be sure, but not exactly what we look like; close, really very close, but no and especially not the big, goofy one in the back.

    It’s believed that angels have bright, shiny halo’s and wings of fluffy white feathers, it’s a common belief. In truth, we can appear in almost any form.


The Lord is our boss and we exist awaiting his will. Most of our work is giving messages to mortals. Sometimes we look divine and sometimes not.


My name is Gabriel and I stand in the presence of God. I am sent to speak to those the Lord want’s spoken to. I deliver his messages and my favorites are the messages of good news.

For example, one day I was standing with the heavenly host, just plumping and fluffing my wings, when the Lord spoke my name.

(we don’t really count time in days, it’s just for your benefit) 

“Gabriel” the voice of God said.

“Yes, Lord, how may I serve you”?

“I need you to give some news to a couple of people. Are you ready”?

“Yes, Lord, always,” I said. “What is your command”?

“I need you to speak to Zechariah the priest, you will find him serving in the temple. Tell him that his wife is going to have a baby, that they will name him John, and that he will be the messenger for my anointed one”.

This was momentous, it was huge, for we the heavenly host have known for thousands of years that a day would come when our Lord would give salvation to the world. John’s coming was the first active step towards the Messiah’s birth. And I have been chosen to deliver the message. Wow, I wouldn’t want to be around Michael tonight, I’m sure he thought he would get this one.

And then, I had no more than returned when he sent me back. He sent me to a young Jewish girl named Mary.

He said, “Tell her that she will be with child from the power of the Holy Spirit and that she is to name him Yeshua, meaning God Saves! That he will be called the Son of the Most High and will inherit the throne of David.”

Wow, talk about an important mission with an essential message. Yeshua, born to a virgin and destined to die for Yahweh’s creation. First it was Zechariah, Elizabeth and John, and now Yeshua announces the time of Emanuel, for God to be with his people!


I have served the Son of God for millenniums and now the Lord is sending his Anointed. Soon he will leave to go and do what was chosen before time, to provide salvation for the world.


These assignments were crafted from the sacred and divine. There has been nothing else as important.

I tell you that I am Gabriel and I stand in the presence of God. I give witness that his grace and mercy are coming to your land. A savior will be born to you and it will be good news for all the people.

It will be good news of the most merry kind.

Blessed be the name of the Lord.


When God Spoke of Christmas

NOTE-This December series is a narrative based on scripture and fiction. It’s the story of Christmas as told by those who were closest to the event. Thank you.

The Voices of Christmas

Part One

I don’t feel the need to explain myself, for I am the Lord Almighty, The Great I Am. I existed before you and before time began. But I share these words with you because you are my greatest creation and my most prized possession.


It was never my plan to leave you alone and lonely. It was never my intention to abandon, ignore or forget you, for how could a loving father forget his children? No, my plan has always been to give you an overwhelming measure of amazing grace. I created you to save you, but you could never be saved until you knew you needed saving.

The saving part has finally come.

Because I am God you must know that I have a universe of options and choices. Your salvation could have been achieved in as many ways as there are stars in your sky. It could happen in any fashion or circumstance of my choosing.

Starry Sky
A universe of stars, a universe of choices for the Lord our God. He chose us.

But I decided to save you by sending myself to the earth. Don’t be confused, the self I send will be my Son, for we are three but one. I know, it’s not an easy concept, and it would be simpler if I revealed myself as a single deity. But once you think about it you will realize that this is better. You see, the Father, Son, and Spirit reflect the nature of  man and woman. You are uniquely male and female because of us, for we are your family, and to bring salvation to the world will require a family. We have one in mind.


Our son will be conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit. On the day and moment of my choosing he will be born to the woman we determined ahead of time. You will learn more about this later. But it will happen and when it does all creation will cry out in glory to my name.


You won’t be saved because of his birth. No, it’s not his brith that will save you but his death. Yes, you heard me right. Our son will be born to die and his death will make your salvation real. Not to overwhelm you, but more than his death will be his resurrection that provides eternal life. You see, because of his resurrection you will have hope, the living hope of the resurrected, living Messiah.

Why are we doing this? Because we love you and want to give you the greatest gift of all, the gift of the Son of God, it will be a merry event!

Now I must go. The time has come and the Spirit and I have a few things to say to the Son before he empties himself of power and dominion and becomes a fetus within a young woman’s womb. She lives in Nazareth, it’s a tiny village in Galilee.

Be strong and courageous. More details will come.

My Love To All,

Your Heavenly Father