14,000 and Couting!


Monday was a full day of interesting sites and fascinating history. We completed Day One in fine fashion and all are healthy, happy, and hungry for more.


We spent some time in Joppa, the home of Simon the Tanner where Peter was staying when he received the vision about Jew/Gentile equality for the Gospel. That vision changed the course of Christianity, beginning with Cornelius, a Roman centurion. It was a good place to visit and was inspiring to be in the place God gave Peter such an important message!


In 1945 a group of college kids accepted a challenge that would put their lives at risk for three years. They were asked to build and operate a highly secret bullet factory, and do so while under cover of an operating kibbutz. The factory used 47 workers, working 10 hours a day, six days a week, in an underground factory roughly the size of a tennis court. They made 9mm bullets for a machine guns their brothers used to fight for independence. In three years they manufactured 2.25 million bullets, averaging 14,000 a day. They were never detected.

 It’s an amazing story and some of those amazing young people are still alive and living in Israel. They are now in their 90’s and occasionally visit the museum that was once their top secret underground factory.


We next visited the ruins of an ancient village some 4000 years old, a place dating beyond Abraham and Isaac who both had wells dug there. It was an impressive place, especially the underground caverns and cisterns for storing water. It was a remarkable demonstration of building techniques and construction beyond what most of us would have thought even possible. It was life in an ancient time


Seeing the Holy Land puts much in perspective. It was home to many of the Bible characters that we learned about as children. They were real people, with families, and lived their lives as best they could, serving the Lord by carrying out his will.

 Our lives are different from those who lived here thousands of years a go. On the other hand, perhaps not all that different. We pursue the living of our lives, the raising of families, the advancement of our careers, and we mow the yard and clean the gutters.

Simon Peter, Cornelius, Abraham and Isaac, they all lived as best they could and strove to serve God as best they could. And those young people who sacrificed so much and worked so hard in the underground factory, well, they lived as best they could too. In any age, God is.

Praise be to God. Shalom

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