Careless, Clumsy, and Confused?


Those would be: careless, clumsy and confused, along with the three F’s: forgetful, fatigued, and falling. 

The three C’s and the three F’s pertain to getting older, to aging. I did’t notice it until I turned 62. Being 61 was fine, it seemed like 60 or 59. But 62, oh my goodness have I noticed.  

A Few of the C’s

  • Sometimes lose track of what day it is.
  • I’m bumping into things more than I used to.
  • It’s taking longer to get the caps off of bottles. 
  • My mind is giving me the word I need but I say something else.
  • Find myself not caring as much about some things.

A Few of the F’s

  • I sometimes can’t summon the name of people I know.
  • Sometimes can’t remember what day it is.
  • I go to a room to get something and when I get there can’t remember why.
  • I remind myself about something and half way down the driveway I remember. 
  • And then, there’s falling down the stairs. 

I realize that what I’ve said risks making me look like a doddering fool or a man drifting into senility. I’ll assure you that it’s neither. 

Most of the C’s and F’s only occasionally happen, and I’ve always done some of them, but now it seems to have increased a bit.


You might have wondered about that one. Well, here’s what happened. We had a kitchen table and chairs that wasn’t being used and offered it to our son who gladly accepted. He lives in a 3rd floor apartment. 

So, it took a couple of trips to get everything up there, but we did, and we got it put together. So, as I was leaving and going down the stairs I accidently missed a step, lost my balance, and went crashing down onto the landing. I missed a step and wished I hadn’t. Bang goes the dynamite. 

My head crashed into the corner pillar of the landing and wrenched my neck. My left shoulder hit the railing attached to the pillar. My right ankle felt like it was sprained or broken. My left foot was in immediate pain and shooting up into the knee.

stairs 2
Not my sons’ apartment stairs, but close, really very close!


  1. It happened in a blink and I couldn’t react fast enough to prevent it.
  2. I knew on the way down it was going to be bad. 
  3. I haven’t fallen like that since slipping on ice when I was 32.
  4. I had the presence of mind to think: “I hope no one is watching.” 
  5. Nothing broken, no major injuries, except to my pride: ouch. 

It’s got to be the aging? Right? This is my first time to fall down stairs and hope to never do it again. I’m not clumsy or careless. As least I didn’t use to be. However, I have twice crashed through the ceiling from up in the attic, but that happened back in my 50’s. 

I’m fine, a little sore and banged up, but fine. If the fall had been recorded I could submit it to America”s Funniest Videos, I bet I’d win. 

I’m gearing up though. I turn 63 in May.


I’ve never been more productive in my work. My best life and best years are right now. I write a BLOG, have a VLOG, have published two books, working on the third, and I’m in my 10th year serving as Senior Minister for a great church. In a few weeks I’ll be leading a group to the Holy Land, my fifth trip to Israel.

You are as young as you feel. Age is just a number. Watch out for those stairs. 



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