Twenty-Eight Days?

I’ve heard that if you do something every day for 28 days it becomes a habit. I’m not sure if that’s true, but its true I’ve heard it. But it sounds reasonable. Would the reverse be true? If you stop doing something for 28 days it breaks the habit? 

So, what behavior would you like to become a habit? A few thoughts:

  • Exercise 
  • Reading books 
  • Doing unlikable chores
  • Pulling weeds/gardening 15 minutes a day
  • Making the bed (assumes you aren’t already making it) 

A few thoughts on habits to break:

  • Leaving wet towels on the bathroom floor
  • Yelling at drivers during morning/evening commute
  • Irritating other drivers during morning/evening commute 
  • Falling asleep during meetings at work 
  • Playing mean practical jokes on the guy who falls asleep during meetings

That all sounds wise and useful.

Something Better

Yesterday morning I was in a parenting class with 48 parents of preschoolers. The teacher was encouraging the parents to take advantage of the time they already spend with their kids to teach them about God. She was emphasizing the value of doing these things over time, that children learn best by doing something over and over again.

For Instance

  • Play CD’s of music from their bible classes at church.
  • At bath time, get a boat and a few plastic figures and teach Noah’s Ark.
  • Cuddle with them and assure them you and God love them.
  • At bed time pray for them and with them and for their friends.
  • Read bible stories every night.

You get the idea. 

Then one of the moms shared a story. Whenever she goes somewhere with her preschooler she points out the sun and the sky, saying  how beautiful they are and that God made them. One morning they were headed someplace and mentioned that the sunrise was beautiful. Then she heard her daughter in the back seat begin praying and thanking God for the sun. It was a moment. 

Twenty-Eight Days 

There is great value in doing important things every day. 

  • Finding time to pray
  • Reflecting on God’s Word 
  • Being kind to someone 
  • Honoring your commitments
  • Teaching a child the value of knowing God

Mother and daughter praying in bed

To Close

Be awesome today. Do something truly worthwhile. Love and care for your children. Nobody has as much potential for shaping your child’s heart than you.

Shape it well. 


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