It’s Time To Go

This morning we will fly home from our anniversary get away. That’s what couples often do for their anniversaries, they get away. It’s what we did for our 40th anniversary, we left town.

It’s not that we don’t like our house because we like our house just fine. It’s not that we don’t like Houston because Houston is a lovely place with millions of nice people and even more millions of nice cars and boasts a summer climate the likes of which can’t be enjoyed elsewhere!

No, you see, getting away isn’t about leaving where you are it’s about arriving at where you’re not. It’s about someplace else, someplace different. Elsewhere may be a romantic hide away or somewhere interesting and exciting, or fun. The leaving is about escaping routines and the tyrannies of regular life.

From within such liberty are moments of continuous conversation or moments of rare repose, pristine and peaceful. Strained eyes are refreshed to see new sights. A diminished sense of adventure is awakened to once again explore the unknown. We come alive again and we remember.

It’s good to get away and I am most grateful to have had four days with the girl I married.

But, just like Dorothy said,

“There’s no place like home.”

She was right. But every now and then a romp down the yellow brick road is a good thing.

It’s time to go.

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