Happy Father’s Day to Me!

Yesterday was Father’s Day and a really good day.


  1. I got to speak to hundreds of fathers yesterday morning.
  2. It was a good morning of great worship about God as our Father.
  3. My kids came over to the house after church.
  4. They stayed all afternoon to swim, eat, and talk. 

Some Observations

I spoke with several fathers who were happy because their kids were home from college, or drove a long way or made a great effort to be at church for Father’s Day.

For a Dad there is nothing like having the family all together in church.

It Was Amusing

At both services I asked some younger children what they were doing for Father’s Day. Here are some of their answers:

  1. We bought him some stuff.
  2. We are going to his favorite place to eat.
  3. We are leaving him alone for three hours so he can watch the game.
  4. Mom gave us money to buy him a gift. 
  5. I think we are going out for pizza.

Someone said this,

“Father’s Day is different from Mother’s Day, Father’s Day doesn’t cost as much.”

Well put.

I got Father’s Day cards and a power tool that I didn’t really need but absolutely wanted.

chain saw
Not the power tool I received for Father’s Day, but close, really very close.

I like Father’s Day, it’s a good idea. But if I can speak for Dad’s everywhere we don’t really care about having a special day. We appreciate the gifts because they come from our kids, but sooner or later we will buy whatever tool to tie we need. Men know how to bless themselves. 

No, it’s not the tools, the ties, or eating out.  It’s our kids. Father’s Day is another opportunity to connect and bond with our children. If our kids are grown then its another moment to have them close.

“It’s them, our kids, that are the true gift for Father’s Day.”

To Close

Yesterday was a good day. I got a lovely meal and a great new power tool.

But mostly it was good because my kids were home. We ate together and sat at the dinning table and talked for an hour. We played and frolicked in the pool. Later we watched a movie and snacked on good stuff. Happy Father’s Day to me!

I love being a Father.

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