Case of Mistaken Identity?

My wife sent me to the store.

Is That Unusual?

No, it’s not unusual at all. I’m often sent to the store to get a few things that didn’t make it on the list. For this particular trip I was sent to pick up three items.  

Going In

I went to our local Kroger store and as I was going in a young father was going out. He was pushing a cart with a few bags of whatever his wife sent him to get. Also in the cart was his daughter who was three or four and about as cute as I’ve ever seen. 

Not the little girl in the store, but close, really very close!

What Happened?

Well, she noticed me and I noticed her and then she smiled and said, “Hi Grandpa.” She was so exited!

Maybe she was just being snarky and using the “Grandpa” in the way someone says,

“Hey Grandpa, you want to hurry it up or what?” 

But I don’t think so. Her greeting seemed genuinely expressed.

What Then?

I was about to respond with something fun when her Dad said softly, “Honey, that’s not Grandpa.” She looked at me, giggled, and they were out the door. The whole thing lasted 10 seconds.

An Assumption

I can only assume that I resemble her Grandpa. Evidently, he is also good looking and humble. There are so few of us. Or maybe I just looked old and any old guy could be Grandpa. To a three year old, everyone over fourteen is old and I’m so not fourteen.

The Point?

Okay, this is a pointless Monday morning blog. Except to say that I couldn’t help feeling good about her mistaken identity. She was adorable and I would be proud to be her Grandpa. It made me happy that she spoke to me.

Someone you don’t know may speak to you in the next few days. You can choose to smile and be kind or you can choose to smirk, be dismissive, and go about your day. It’s your choice, and mine.

To Close

I don’t know if any children ever called Jesus Grandpa, probably not. But if they did, I’m guessing he didn’t smirk, or be dismissive just so he could get on with his day. Come to think about it, he was never dismissive or rude to anyone. That was his charm. He genuinely cared about everybody. Thank you Jesus!


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