Needing a Consultant

There are times when I could really use a consultant. 

Whom Would I Choose?

I would choose the apostle Paul. Here are some reasons:

  1. Acts 9-28 are dedicated to his conversion, ministry, and mission.
  2. After Acts, 13 of the remaining 23 books were written by him.
  3. He was the apostle to the Gentile world.
  4. He lived in Roman society: a cosmopolitan, decadent, idolatrous world.

 What Would I Consult About? 

  1. how to live Christianity in an increasingly pluralistic culture
  2. the role of Christianity in today’s social and political arenas
  3. not the 1st century, but applications of scripture for the 21st century
  4. his advice about mission and ministry in our modern society

Same or Different

Perhaps his advice would be the same as it was in his day. Or would it? The principles would remain the same, but I wonder about the applications. Our 21st-century, western  world represents some conundrums his Roman world didn’t have. Would the reverse also be true? 

The Struggle

Did the 1st-century church contend with the same immorality and violence? Christians were openly arrested, persecuted, and killed. Idols temples dotted the corners. Every kind of sexual perversion was accepted and practiced. Yes, the early church struggled. 

Modern Man

I live in a nation of sophistication, with a strong rule of law, a deep respect for God, and a place of peaceful coexistence. A country that champions diversity with equal rights for all. A society committed to the highest standards of moral decency.

But lately, it doesn’t feel like it. 

To Close

I’m sure Paul faced the same challenges, issues, and concerns. He would point me to his 13 letters where all the answers can be found. 

worn out bible 1

I’m also sure he would sympathize with our school shootings, our ripping ourselves apart with rabid infighting, and our culture losing its moral compass. 


There are times when I could really use a consultant. 


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