New Bible/Same Old Story

Consider these illustrations.

What People Think They Need

If I asked if you had a watch, you would probably tell me the time, right? However, I might respond with,

“I didn’t ask for the time, just if you had a watch.”

If the salesman saw me looking at drills and drill bits he probably would say, “Are you needing a new drill, or some new drill bits?” And I might reply,

“No, what I really need is a hole.”

If I were at a Christian Book store looking at Bibles, the sales person might ask, “Are you shopping for new bible?” I could say:

“No, there aren’t any new bibles, it’s been the same for hundreds of years.”

worn out bible 1

People think they need a watch, a drill bit, and a bible.

But What They Really Need

To know the time.

To make a hole.

To embrace the Word of God.

There’s no reason to get a drill bit if you aren’t making holes. There’s no reason to own a watch if you aren’t checking the time. And there’s no reason to have a bible if you aren’t going to read it.

Bibles are copies of the sacred Scriptures. Over time the pages get dog eared and frayed, the binding tears, and the leather starts fading.

worn out bible 2

However, the message remains as fresh and meaningful as ever. There aren’t any new bibles, just new copies and apps and mediums telling the same old story of the old rugged cross.

The Word of the Lord is the substance of God, it’s Holy Spirit inspired, and it is the message of Christ.

To Close

Allow your bible to be more than a shelf ornament, more than a coffee table book, let it be a light for your path, a balm for your soul, and the power unto salvation.

bibles on a shelf

Now, if you’ll excuse me,

I’m off to get a new watch battery and a 3/8” drill bit.


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