Cosmo Said So

Vincent Gardenia, playing the character Cosmo Castorini in the delightful movie “Moonstruck,” said the following:

“Everything is temporary”

His daughter was sharing the news of her engagement to Johnny Cammareri. Cosmo was underwhelmed and asked about the ring. She raised her hand and he said, “It’s a man’s pinky ring!” Johnny hadn’t bought a ring and she wouldn’t accept his proposal without one. So, he gave her his pinky ring. Easing the tension Loretta said,

“Its temporary!”

Cosmo replied,
“Everything is temporary!”

A fair point. 

Cosmo and Loretta
Cosmo and Loretta

(BTW: It’s a charming movie and one my all time favorites)

Speaking of Temporary
When the Hebrew slaves gained their freedom, some 600,000 men and their families walked out of Ramses. They were headed for the Promised Land.

Upon arrival, twelve spies were sent to scout the land. On their return they offered a divided report, it was ten to two. Ten gave a negative report because they were afraid and two gave a positive report because they believed.  

The people sided with the ten.

As a result, everyone was sent back to the desert for forty years. None over the age of twenty would ever leave it. Of those twenty and above, none survived.

Think About It
They wandered a vast and terrible desert for 4 decades of:
1. no permanence
2. no houses
3. no opportunites
4. no improvements
5. a hopeless existence

They lived in tents, along with the adders, scorpions, the sand and the sand storms. Cosmo was right, everything was temporary.

To Close
The people had a change of heart, a crisis of faith, and turned away from God.

Living in the Promised Land would have still been temporary, but a big bunch sweeter. Life is always sweeter when lived under the protective hand of God’s richest blessings.

So, let’s keep a steadfast heart, a strong faith, and remain rooted in the center of His will.

“everything is temporary”
It certainly is, thanks for the reminder Cosmo.


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