So, Until Next Year

Day Twelve: The Twelve Days of Christmas

It’s the day after, a day to reflect.

I’m reflecting on this year’s Christmas experience. About the parties in our house, the lunch our elders hosted for our staff. And the gifts, cards, and encouragement from friends.

I’m thinking about our Candlelight service. Seeing hundreds of candles lifted up in honor of the infant king always moves me!

Then Christmas morning, with the fireplace crackling, the filled stockings, and the brightly wrapped presents.

I love Christmas.

Regarding Joseph & Mary

Their trip to Bethlehem was a hard one. And I’ve tried to imagine them out in the stable, on a cold night, with the animals. I’ve thought about the angels, the shepherds, and the Magi.

It was a night divine, a silent and holy night.


I’ve wondered about Herod’s attempts to kill Jesus.

I’ve wondered if Mary and Joseph knew the families who lost their sons in Herod’s sweeping attempts to kill the infant king. They took their son and escaped to Egypt, but in their absence, other sons died, how very sad. Did Mary know? If she did it must have been a terrible burden to carry. 

To Close

Christmas can mean lots of things. For some, it’s the lights and decorations. For others, it’s being with family. Or is it the food, parties, and gifts, with snow on the ground?

In the beginning, it was about God coming near, the night of Emmanuel. So, when I say, “Merry Christmas” what I’m really saying is: 

“May the God of grace bless you in the celebration of his Son’s birth.”


So, until next year, Merry Christmas!

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