A Silent Night, A Holy Night

Day 11: Twelve Days of Christmas

It’s early Christmas morning and I’m the first one up.

A Christmas Tradition

 I light the candles, turn on the tree, and start a fire. Then its coffee, carols, and my daughter in her PJ’s sitting with me by the fireplace. She’s 28 and married, but she still likes to begin Christmas with her Dad, as she’s done since childhood. The family will be up later. It’s how we do Christmas.

For Mary and Joseph?

Christmas morning was different for them. They had arrived in Bethlehem, but not to what they were expecting: a warm room and a comfortable bed. It didn’t happen, the inn was full.

The exchange:

Inn Keeper: “Sorry folks, but we’re full.”

Joseph: “You don’t understand, we’ve traveled for days and my wife is expecting. You must have something?”

Inn Keeper: “No, we’re booked solid, there isn’t a spare bed anywhere.

Joseph: “You must have something, we’ll take anything.

Inn Keeper: Well, it isn’t much and it isn’t clean, but you’re welcome to stay in the stable with the sheep, donkeys, and camels.” 

Joseph: (glancing at his fatigued and very pregnant wife) said, “Okay, we’ll take it.” 

It Was Time

Mary was in labor. Was it a difficult delivery? Was her mom there, or even a midwife? Was it only Joseph? We don’t know, but there’s no mention of anyone else.

Regardless, the savior was born. I imagine him swaddled in his mother’s arms. Was all of heaven in joyous celebration? Did the universe shudder in awe seeing the creator arrive as a helpless babe? 

It was a silent night, a holy night, as God came to be with us, he was Emmanuel.

Was their Christmas morning a different experience? 

To Close

It’s early Christmas morning. It’s just me and my beautiful daughter. The fire is crackling, the coffee is fresh, and the carols are softly playing.

I’m guessing it was different for Mary and Joseph. But whatever it was God forever changing our world. It was good news of great joy for all the people.

He came because we needed him.

We still do.

It’s Christmas morning.

TheNativity (600 x 300)


One thought on “A Silent Night, A Holy Night

  1. So beautifully written, bringing in the things that would affect Mary and Joseph jouney and conditions not often thought about. Thank You. I do believe that God keep Jesus from out of the lime light of the town’s busyness, and away from those who would cause a number of problems for Mary and Joseph and especially Jesus. He only let know of Jesus birth those He trusted to revere Christ. and even give time for the wise men to come to the place of Jesus birth to ready the wise men for what they would find where the star led. and Yes wise because their wisdom led them to go without doing what Herod asked of them.


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