Day Seven: Do You Still Believe?

Day Seven: Twelve Days of Christmas

My Dad knew some things.

Believing Him

When I was a kid I built a balsa-wood glider, from scratch. My enthusiasm was high, but my skills were less so. Since Dad was a pilot and an aviation expert, I asked him for help. He advised me to rebuild it. But I thought it unnecessary, as it would be a lot of extra work. However, he was right. I should have listened and I should have believed him.

Not me, my Dad, or my glider, but close. I should have listened to him.

Believing God

Here’s some things the Father said about his son. That he would be:

  1. born in Bethlehem.
  2. born to a virgin.
  3. called Emmanuel.
  4. David’s heir.
  5. anointed with the Spirit.

He said his son would be:

  1. despised
  2. pierced
  3. abandoned
  4. denied
  5. betrayed

Is all of that true about Jesus? Have we listened, do we believe the Father?

A favorite holiday movie is, “The Polar Express,” an animated film about some kids discovering the spirit of Christmas. A main character is a boy who struggled, but eventually believed. As a reward, Santa gave him a perfect silver bell with a clear, beautiful sound. Because he believed, he could hear the bell. Only those who believed could hear it.

The adults never could.

In A Few Days

Hundreds of millions will celebrate the birth of Christ. Fireplaces will glow, stockings will hang, and gifts will stack up under the trees. Christmas morning will be fun, and a little chaotic, as we stand knee deep in torn, wrinkled paper. It will be glorious!

Let us also reflect on what God has done. He sacrificed his son because we needed him to. We were lost, helpless, and broken, and by his death we have life. But I wonder, have we listened? Do we  believe?

Spiritually, are we the adults who stopped listening, and no longer believe? 

Do we still believe?

In Closing

The glider turned out sweet, it looked great and flew like the wind. But not at first. I had to go back and fix it, to make it like my father said. I should have listened, I should have believed.

God sent his son to seek and to save the fallen.

Do you believe?

Merry Christmas

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