“Small Town Boy Makes Good”

Day Two: Twelve Days of Christmas

I like small towns; they tend to be charming, friendly, and peaceful.

Living In Small Towns

Living in a small town can be a blessing, an answer to prayer, a chance of a life time. However, they usually have little to offer in terms of importance.

Our town got excited when a stop light was finally installed. It was a big deal. As if the town had risen in status. Sorry, but a single blinking light doesn’t qualify for status change.


Sure, when a small-town kid goes on to be famous. Like a world-class athlete, or a superstar entertainer, or President. When a town produces a bona fide celebrity, the celebrity status rubs off on the town. 

An Example

Jesus came from a small town, the village of Nazareth, in Galilee. It was Mary and Joseph’s home town. It was agrarian, had little economic strength, and never exceeded five hundred in population. It wasn’t important.

In fact, when Nathanael heard that Jesus the Messiah was from Nazareth he asked,

“Nazareth! Can anything good come from there?”

Think about Jesus and his humble beginnings. Nazareth wasn’t famous. It couldn’t boast about anything, it didn’t even have the equivalent of a blinking light. It didn’t make the   top ten list of best places to live in Palestine.

Wouldn’t Jerusalem have been a better choice? It hosted the Temple, the Sanhedrin, and many famous Rabbi’s. It was the city of prophets and kings. It makes sense that the Messiah would be raised there. But no, our savior was a small-town boy.

Nazareth today, but not even close to the small village of Jesus our Messiah.

Jesus grew up in Nazareth, and went on to give salvation to the world, but the world knew nothing of his home town.

In Closing

Nazareth wasn’t anything special, and yet, the world still celebrates Christmas; not because the town was special but because he was.  

Jesus came for everyone. He came for those in big important places, and for those in small unheard of places. He came for all of you, and he came for me.

I like small towns, they tend to be charming, friendly, and peaceful.

Thank you Prince of Peace

Merry Christmas

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