It’s A Winter Wonderland!

It’s been a crazy morning.

What Has?

Shoveling the snow. Houston was hit last night with a massive snow storm, the likes of which has never been seen. And me? Well, not owning a snow shovel I had to use my wife’s flower spade. Grueling.


Its pandemonium out there. Most of Houston’s freeways are closed due to black ice on the overpasses, accidents, and widespread snowy mayhem. 

How Deep?

Well, in my neighborhood it reached a full inch, perhaps less. But the snow drifts! O my, the snowdrifts. There is one in my yard approaching 2, possibly 2.5 inches. I was afraid to step in it for fear of sinking down to the top of my flip flops.

Here’s a few pics for verification




To Close

This blog is just fun and nonsense. But frankly, when I looked outside this morning around 5:00, I couldn’t believe it, how wonderful. Yep, at long last it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

A couple of months ago, I looked out and saw flooding and devastation.

On reflection, I prefer the snow!

                                 Merry Christmas

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