People As Gifts

Four gifts that blessed my life.


Each gift was given over the week end and none of them were wrapped presents.

Who & What?

  1. Our Life Group

We belong to a Life Group, a small group ministry at church. Each year, we host the LG Christmas party. It’s parents only, not because we don’t want the children, but because the parents don’t want to bring them. We get it. We’ve known these families for years and have watched them grow into loving, spiritually mature people. Having them in our home was a gift.

  1. The Baby Blessing

Our church is overrun with young couples and new babies. It’s wonderful. Our tradition is to gather around each family and their new baby, to have our elders pray for them. It’s a sweet moment! Yesterday, in 1st service, we prayed over a young couple with their first child, a son. Having them there with their infant son was a gift.

  1. The Commissioning

Our church is involved with a non-profit ministry called, Hope For Haiti’s Children.We sponsor hundreds of Haitian kids for Christian education. We send them Christmas presents each year, and at the close of 2nd service, our elders commissioned one of our members who is going to Haiti to help distribute the presents. Having her be blessed and commissioned to Haiti was a gift.

  1. The Meal

My wife woke up feeling poorly and I encouraged her to stay in bed. After 2nd service, one of our members asked if I would like to have lunch, since his wife and kids were busy with other activities. I called to check on my wife who was making something to eat and headed back to bed. So, I got to go with a good friend and share a good meal. Having him invite me to lunch was a gift.

To Close

Four gifts that blessed my life. The gifts of people. The relationships, service, and connection that comes only through God’s Kingdom, through the church of our Lord.

TheNativity (600 x 300)

Happy Holidays

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