Harvey’s Unintended Blessings

Its Saturday night and its cool and breezy, and I’m outside, and thankful.


Because its cool and breezy. Because the temperature and humidity have fallen and it feels like the outer edges of winter are edging ever closer. 

I’m sitting outside with my laptop thinking about tommorow. Its Sunday and it’s a work day. I know, delivering sermons isn’t work. Nevertheless, I’ll be at church delivering my lesson. Actually, I’ll deliver it twice.


Yep, after three and a half months of one service, we are returning to our normal schedule of two services: 8:30 and 10:45.

My work load has doubled!

One Service?

It’s about Harvey. Our church building flooded, so to make things simpler, and to better support one another, we’ve been crowding into one service. But tomorrow it changes back to two.

The Blessings!

Thursday is Thanksgiving and I’ve been thinking about thankfulness. Frankly, I’ve a struggled with it. Tropical Storm Harvey was hard on our city. And it’s been hard for me, at least I’ve allowed it to be. It’s been more than just a struggle.

However, I realize that I’ve emerged from the storm with something surprising: a sense of being blessed. Harvey’s devestation allowed me to experience three things:

  1. The amazing motivation of ordinary people.
  2. The amazing sacrifice of others.
  3. The inspiration of God’s amazing providence.

people waiting to be rescued

My sermon will be about those blessings. If you want to hear it, come see us or join us online at: www.southeastonline.org

 It’s the week of Thanksgiving and I’m thankful for my family, my home, and my country. But I’m also grateful for my church, the Southeast Church of Christ in Friendswood, Texas.

In the moment of crisis and need, they embraced profound purpose, they sacrificed themselves, and gave all they had to give. 

Its Saturday night and its cool and breezy, and I’m outside, and I’m thankful.


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