A Moment Out of Time

It’s an appointment we will all keep.

Busy Schedule?

I take pride in keeping appointments. Typically, I’m early and the first to arrive.

I missed a lunch appointment this week because I got preoccupied and lost track of time. I felt bad about it, again, it’s a pride thing.

Two Kinds of People

Those who are on time and those who aren’t. It’s the prompt verses the tardy. If you are fanatically prompt, then it’s those who are courteous and those who aren’t.

If you are the latter, then you find the former to be uptight, overwrought, and irritating. If you are the former, then you find the latter to be selfish, undisciplined, and irritating.

Appointments need to be kept, honored, and respected.

Now Jesus: Matthew 23:42

 “Therefore keep watch, because you do not know on what day your Lord will come.”

Will that be the hardest appointment to keep? Jesus was speaking eschatologically, a big word about the end of time.

It’s a tough appointment because you can’t put it on a calendar, or set a reminder on your phone, or a post-it-note to keep you aware. It’s an appointment we will all keep, we just don’t know when.



This afternoon is a milestone for me, albeit a sad one. Today I officiate my 50th funeral as Senior Minister for the Southeast Church of Christ. 

The person we’ll gather to honor was ready. He didn’t know the day or hour he would pass, but he knew it was coming, and he died talking to Jesus.

To Close

I’m sad that he is gone, but I have peace knowing that he is at peace. He was a good friend, a respected member of my church, and an honorable man. He was an excellent husband, father, and grandfather. I miss him.

He died unafraid. He knew he had an appointment with eternity and it was an appointment he was not going to miss.

It’s an appointment we will all keep.

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