It Was A Night of Nights!

…and then there was one.

Last Night

Like many, I watched the full nine innings of game seven. I am a Houston fan, I live in Houston, and it was our night to shine. 

Houston needed a win. After the last nine weeks, it was a gift. The Astros would have won with or without Tropical Storm Harvey, but since we had to live with it, a World Series Championship is extra sweet.

astros celebration

Just A Thought

Houston scored all five runs early in the game. Then the Dodgers pulled the pitcher and put in some guys who kept Houston from scoring another run, not even one.

Houston’s starting pitcher did well, but after hitting four batters, he was pulled for a series of relievers. Somewhere in there, the Dodgers scored their single run.

If Los Angeles had started a different pitcher, its possible they may have won the game 1-0. But they didn’t start a different pitcher, and they didn’t win the Series. And if they had started someone else, its possible Houston would have scored even more runs.

The Point

I’m not sure I have one. But I’ll offer a few random life thoughts:

  1. Game 7 was the finish line, it started with game 1, which the Astros lost.
  2. A few years ago, Houston was losing a 100 games a season, they got better.
  3. Succeed when you can, waiting to get runs may be too late.
  4. The Astros weren’t better athletes, they just played better ball.

To Close

It was an exciting series, a fantastic game seven, and a sweet celebration. It brought tears to my eyes to see their happiness and to share in their moment of immense achievement. 

But I’ll leave you with this. Winning doesn’t always look like winning. The cross of Jesus didn’t. It looked like total defeat. It wasn’t. It was overwhelming victory.

…and then there was one.


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