Our Most Exciting House

The house we were most excited about.

Which One?

The View? In our first ministry, a couple from church offered us their home at no cost to us. The house was in an upscale neighborhood in the hills above Los Angeles, with a pool, and an amazing back yard with an amazing view. We didn’t own it, but we loved living there.

We loved living there, it had a gorgeous view.

The Acre? Years later, we got a house on an acre, about a mile from the church. It had oak floors and lots of charm. It was like living in a huge garden. Each time I pulled into the driveway I felt so happy.  We loved living there.

The Atrium? Currently, we live in a beautiful neighborhood of custom homes with mature trees and landscaping. It’s gorgeous here. It also has a pool, a charming atrium with a water-feature and fire pit. For us, it’s a cool house. We love living here.

Which was our favorite, the one we are were the most excited about? None of them.

Our favorite house was only 1450 square feet. It wasn’t fancy or upscale. It didn’t have hardwood floors, a pool, or a great view. It was a starter house, but it was our house. It’s where we brought our son when he was born. We were so excited to live there..

Now Jesus: John 2:17

“His disciples remembered that it is written: ‘Zeal for your house will consume me.”

Jesus was in his Father’s house just after his birth. He was there at age twelve. He was there during Passover, the week of his death. He was in God’s house many times.

To Close

There are things Jesus did that I can’t do. I can’t walk on water or turn water into wine. I can’t feed the multitudes with a few a few fish and loaves. I can’t heal the sick or give sight, hearing and mobility to those without them. I can’t live a perfect life.

But there is one thing I can do.

I can be consumed with zeal for his house.

Not a house with architecture and a parking lot, not a building, but the house of God that is the sacred community of Christ.

This morning, I’ll be speaking on the theme of, “Zeal For God’s House.” Come join us at 10:00, or watch the livestream from our site: www.southeastonline.org                 

God’s house is the house I’m most excited about!

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