Is This The End?

At long last, the end has come!

What Has?

Well, the end of my Harvey bloggs. Since the storm left Houston I’ve blogged 24 times about Harvey.

This is the 25th and final time.

Some Observations

  1. I’ve never seen this level of devastation.
  2. Houstonians weren’t hit by a hurricane, but by a tropical storm.
  3. If it had passed quickly, we would have been okay.
  4. I’ve never seen people helping like they have.
  5. The heroic efforts of the rescuers were amazing.

Some Memories

  1. The trucks, boats, and helicopters.
  2. People on their roof tops.
  3. Walking the neighborhood between the rain bands.
  4. The five-day junk food fest.
  5. Praying for it to stop.


I’m grateful to friends who stayed in constant contact. On one stressful night, the worse night of all, I texted with friends till 4:30 AM. We couldn’t sleep due to the lightening, thunder, and tornados.

Not Total Devastation

About 140,000 residences were damaged or destroyed. But many came through Harvey unscathed. In fact, millions in the greater Houston area had no flooding at all, and a majority of those never saw the water get even curb high.


Hurricane Harvey struck south Texas. Then Tropical Storm Harvey headed for Houston. 

To Close

The storm gave its worst and the people gave their best. They gave themselves to assist and to save. It was our finest hour and it still is.

In the storm, in the darkness and devastation, there has been a divine presence, a leading of the Spirit, a sense that the highest power of all was getting our attention. Did he? Does he still?

May God be with you.

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