Stuff or Beaten Clay?

“Love makes the world go round.”

Who Said That?

It was William Gilbert, 1836-1911, an English dramatist, poet and illustrator best known for his fourteen operas produced in collaboration with composer Arthur Sullivan. He is credited for coining the phrase.

Thanks William

And Others?

Many have used it: “Love Makes the World Go Round.”

  1. A song written in 1896 by Clyde Fitch and William Furst
  2. A song from the 1961 musical, “Carnival”
  3. Was Recorded By:
  • Perry Como-1958
  • Jane Morgan-1961
  • Paul Anka-1963
  • Deon Jackson-1966
  • Madonna-1986
  • Powerpuff Girls-1999
  • Tina Harris-2003
  • Ashlee Simpson-2004


As romantic as it may be, I have found the oft quoted phrase to be fundamentally flawed. Love doesn’t make the world go around, its stuff.

Stuff turns our world.

The Storm

Due to Harvey, our church building flooded. Of the six bookcases in my office, three were destroyed, as well as the carpet and the sheet rock. My desk credenza and printer stand were ruined, and various other items.

Everything else had to be wrapped, stacked, and racked. 

Not my office, but close, really very close. I think I have too much stuff.

What Was Stacked & Racked?

The books, files, collectibles, artwork, lamps, awards, sculptures, a stereo system, and so forth. Wow, I have stuff, tons of it. Even with all that was destroyed, I have more than I need.

My desk drawer had office supplies, and junk, I didn’t know I had. There were books I hadn’t read in years, and books still waiting to be read.

Stuff rules my world, makes it go around, and around.

On The Mend

Soon, the office will be repaired and the inner sanctum will once more vibrate with activity, maybe even productivity. However, there will be fewer shelves, less furniture, and a determined culling of the heard. In short, there will be less stuff.

But don’t worry, give me five years and it will all be back. Why is that?

To Close

I’m not a hoarder. In fact, my office stays neat, orderly, and even has a few empty drawers. And yet, I feel overwhelmed by the stuff. Isn’t there something more important?

I’ll leave you with this:

“Life is worked on a wheel. Sloppy, slippery, formless base clay. Rising coaxed, caressed, coerced and beaten into shape. Tested in passion’s consuming fire until worthy to catch and hold a bit of the liquid grace pouring unceasingly over us.”


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