Luck or Providence: You Decide

“Give luck a chance,” someone said.

Faith & Hope?

Outside a conscious awareness of God, and his divine presence, there is only chance, luck, and happenstance. A vague randomness that is ultimately meaningless, not of faith and offers no hope.

The Work of God

Is more obvious in times of great crisis and deep need. Do you remember the man born blind? (See:  The Storm of the Centuries ) The belief was that God had punished him due to sin.

But Jesus said no, neither he or his parents sinned that he was blind, but his blindness would provide an opportunity for God’s work to be displayed. Jesus healed the man and magnified God’s glory in doing so. God works to demonstrate his presence.

Some Harvey Examples

  • One of our members called saying she knew an older couple in Dickinson who was flooded, could anybody help? All our work crews were helping others. But five minutes later, another member called to say, “I’m in Dickinson, is there anyone I can help?” He went to their home, talked and prayed over them, and a family volunteered to go and help.
  • A family from our church recently moved to Dallas. He was praying about how to help in Houston. He came down and offered the use of his house while it was for sale. Shortly after, we got a call from someone bringing workers but needed a place to stay.
  • Our Pre-School Minister was working with a crew, one of whom had a brother on staff with a church in Alabama. She encouraged her to contact him, and she did. He approached his leaders, asking them to help. They sent someone to meet with us, he bought us $1200 of tools to use,  stayed for two days to helping with flooded houses, and then recommended to his elders that they help with a large donation. They gave $70,000.
  • A member called saying she was flooded, and needed a mattress. Ten minutes later another member called saying she had a mattress, did anyone need one?

God’s glory was displayed throughout the storm, over and over, and then after the storm, over and over. The Holy Spirit prompted many to serve, help and give. 

People found themselves:

  • Shoveling mud out of homes
  • Tearing down water soaked walls
  • Listening, praying, and weeping with flood victims
  • Opening their homes to those who no longer had one
  • Offering their homes to workers
  • Serving lunch to work crews, day after day
  • Buying and delivering supplies
  • Helping flood victims with insurance and FEMA.
  • Delivering dinner to victims
  • Watching other people’s kids so they could help
  • Doing laundry for those who no longer could
  • Ripping up soured, water soaked carpet
  • Giving out gift cards
  • Packing boxes
  • Doing grocery shopping for those in need
  • Asking and obtaining donations
  • Fixing plumbing problems
  • Climbing on roofs to fix leaks
  • Sweeping and mopping floors
  • Showing up in each other’s lives
  • Day after day, all day long, getting it done

god lending a hand

To Close

No, not chance, luck, or happenstance. Not fate or coincidence. Just the work of God. It’s the Holy Spirit inspiring and leading us to make a difference.

“Give luck a chance.”

No thanks. I’ll choose the divine providence of God every time.

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