“Why Live There?”

Why would you live there?

A Question

 “Why live in a place that gets hammered by storms every few years?” I’ve been asked that question by people who live some place else.

It’s true. The Houston area, and the Texas Gulf coast, gets significant storm damage from time to time. Nevertheless, there are good reasons to live here.

  • People are needed here, more so than many big cities.
  • The nation depends on Houston’s energy production.
  • So does the state of Texas.
  • Its has world class hospitals and medical support.
  • Houston typically has a healthy if not a booming economy.
  • And many more reasons.


The same could be asked of the cities and towns around the Gulf Coast. It could be asked of Florida’s 20,000,000 people.

Same for the eastern sea board including the 20,000,000 people who populate the New York/Newark metropolitan area. 

And how about Oklahoma, the Texas panhandle, and other regions that suffer destructive tornados?

The question could be asked of the 39,000,000 Californians living in an earthquake zone.

Why Live There?

How many people would need to relocate to avoid the earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, and tropical storms? Roughly 90,000,000? More? And  move to where?

Now Jesus

Jesus used an illustration about two houses being built. One was built in a dry river bed and the other on rock.

Two questions could be asked:

  1. “Why did you build your house in the sand?” Answer: “Because I’m a fool.”
  2. “Why did you build your house on the rock?” Answer: “Because I’m wise.”

The fool built in a dry river bed. The wise built on the rock, up out of the river bed. In the rainy season, the dry bed became a roaring flash flood and the fool’s house went, “Splat!” The wise man’s house withstood the storm because he didn’t build in the river.

Houston didn’t build in a dry river bed. Neither did Corpus Christi, Oklahoma City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, or New York. Neither did New Orleans.

Foolishness: letting your kids play on a busy road, making bad decisions, choosing foolish things. Living only for self, without faith, and without God.  

Wisdom: being careful, making good choices, making wise decisions, and loving God and others as we love ourselves. 

To Close

Jesus illustrated what it meant to embrace or ignore his teaching. When it pertains to his Word, don’t build your house in the middle of a river. Be wise, be smart, embrace his word and live on a rock-solid foundation, in a house that will stand for eternity. 

Houston is my home, and home for millions of people. It’s a wise choice.

And storms are a part of life, everywhere. 


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