What Is Your Ark?

Woke up this morning thinking about Noah.

I Wonder Why?

  • Maybe the 24 hour a day rainfall?
  • Or the 2o” of rain in the last couple of days?
  • The people boating their flooded streets?
  • Helicopters rescuing people from roof tops?


I love the sound of falling rain. But lately, it’s become the sound of anxiety, fear, and loss. With every inch of rain, somewhere there’s another two feet of water, welcomed by the two feet already there. And another neighborhood goes under.

Feels like Judgement Day, but it’s not.

Hurricane Harvey: will it ever leave? 

The Promise

God promised Noah the earth would never again be destroyed by water. That’s good news for the earth. But cities, towns, and houses are still vulnerable.

 He once destroyed humanity for their sins. Is that what’s happening to Houston? What about League City, Sugar Land, Beaumont, Lake Charles, New Orleans, and ….?

Sure, Houston has plenty of sin, but plenty of redeemed sinners too. And such is the case all across Harvey’s destructive path.

But Harvey isn’t forever, it just feels like it. Hurricane Harvey will have its final blast of wind, its last drop of rain. Then it will be gone, and it will be over. 

Noah & His Ark

  • He had never seen a flood.
  • He had never built an ark.
  • He had only a few helpers.

But build it he did. It floated, protected his family, and it got the job done.

From Hebrews 11:7

By faith Noah, when warned about things not yet seen in holy fear built an ark to save his family.

The ark was salvation, built by faith, saving a family from a world-wide flood. The ark becomes a metaphor, a symbol, for all that comes by faith.

To Close

Your ark may be the raft, the boat, or the helicopter, or the media alerting you to the tornado in your neighborhood.

Perhaps the car getting you to safety before the roads flooded. Or the shelter that provided food and safe sleep. Your ark may be your family.

rescue boat

Your ark may be your faith.

God be with you all. Keep breathing, keep going, and keep believing.


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