Could They Save a Life?

Life’s little inconveniences can, at times, seem annoying.

Summer Serenity

They’re gone. Those lovely months of stress free driving are gone. They’re gone because school is back and now we’re coping with more cars, slow-down speed zones, and clogged drop off lanes. What of drivers who haven’t a child to drop off, must they be forced to endure?

Kids walking to school

Tax Dollars at Work

Could the taxes I pay for public schools also pay for school zone express lanes? Just imagine, a designated lane for drivers not dropping off kids. It would be so great!

I know

The school zones aren’t there to inconvenience me, I know. But it feels like it. Here are five alternatives I’m considering:

  1. Leave earlier and beat the school rush.
  2. Leave later and avoid the drop-off crush.
  3. Use Uber and leave the driving to them.
  4. Have a helicopter fly me over them.
  5. Did I mention designated express lanes?

Here’s a Thought

Let’s say the school zone speeds limits were eliminated. So, I’m driving along, appreciating the faster pace, and a little girl runs out from between two parked cars and I’m going too fast to stop. How would I feel then?

If such a horrible thing happened, how would I approach that school zone the next time? Would I slow down even if it wasn’t required?  Would I feel the need for caution? Of course, I would. It’s the difference between an inconvenient law and a respected value.

Here’s Another Thought

Long ago, an ancient prophet predicted that God would make a new covenant with his people. It would be different, it would be a covenant of the heart. Not a list of rules, but honored values and respected principles living within.

To Close

Jesus brought such a covenant. The old rules, chiseled in stone, were replaced with divine values written on hearts. Christ’s teachings can vibrantly exist when they exist within our souls.

I shouldn’t resist the inconvenient rules. They may have value, they may save a life.


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