5:00 AM, Really?

Exercise, fitness, and determination. 

Yesterday Morning

I don’t workout every morning at 5:00, but I do most days. I did yesterday, and it was it tough to get out the door for an early Monday workout.

Not me or my work out place. But close, really very close.

Late Afternoon

I have a yard project that’s slowly taking shape. It’s slow because I’m working at a not too rapid pace. Its Houston, in August, and the heat is falling at a not too rapid pace. But I was out there in the heat digging, hauling, and lifting. It was brutal.

But Mid-Morning!

Sunday, we collected backpacks and school supplies for families in need. On Monday morning, adults, teens, and kids came to fill the packs with the supplies and get them ready for delivery.

One of the helpers was a good friend of mine. So, we eased down the hall to the gym, got a basketball, and played some one-on-one. I was soundly beaten.

That was three work-outs in one day. I am so fit. Well, fitt’ish.


Going at 5:00 AM was hard and happened only by determination. The afternoon project, though enjoyable, was tough due to the heat. But oddly, the mid-morning basketball wasn’t hard, tough, or brutal. Nor was determination required.

Now Jesus

Each morning, while still dark, Jesus got up and went to quiet places. Not to exercise his body, but to nourish his soul. Walking Palestine’s roads was exercise enough, especially in the blistering desert heat.

Then, his day was spent preaching the good news of the kingdom and healing those brought to him. He also blessed some who weren’t sick, or in need of his teaching, for the kingdom already belonged to them. They were children. 

“He said to them,

 ‘Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.’”   Mark 10:14

To Close

It’s good to be physically fit. It’s good to be spiritually fit. Let’s pursue the one without neglecting the other.

Speaking of children, my friend who beat me badly was an eleven-year-old girl. I’ve known her since she was a toddler. Good going sweetie.


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