Celebrating My 400th Blog!

Friday was my 400th blog. Today is 402.

Some Numbers

  • Been blogging since January 2016
  • Average twenty blogs per month.
  • Each takes about 2 hours to write.
  • That’s 800 hours or 33.3 days.
  • I’ve had 11,275 visitors
  • With 18,686 views

As blogs go, it isn’t yeasty, but I’m okay with that, it could be worse!

Some Observations

  • I can’t believe I’ve come up with 400 things to write about.
  • Some posts have been silly, about raccoons and such.
  • Some have been life observational.
  • Others have been serious.
  • Many have been about Jesus our Messiah.

Some Things I’ve Learned

  • I started the blog to teach, encourage, and entertain.
  • I kept the blog going because I fell in love with writing.
  • Eventually, I learned to blog not so much for others, but for myself.

Some Advice For Budding Bloggers

  • Write first for yourself, if it blesses others then great.
  • Many will tell you how to write and if it’s any good, ignore them.
  • It’s your blog, write what and how you like. They don’t have to read it.

To Close

I suppose I’ll keep blogging. It’s enjoyable, challenging, and beneficial, at least to me and occasionally to others.

So, here’s to the next 400 posts. Mercy, I have no idea what I’ll write about.

Thanks for reading and for following!


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