Garrison May Be Right

Yesterday I spoke to the faculty of a Christian school.

We Have History

They used to have me speak several times a year. For their In-service days, chapel services, and other occasions. I once gave the commencement address. I think the last time I was there was May, 2004.

What Happened?

The one who did the inviting moved on, and well, we lost touch. Then Mike White, the one who now does the inviting, invited me back. He remembered me from the old days when he held a different position. He went on to become Head of School, and me, well, I just went on. 


I opened by saying that I was a speaker you invite back every 13 years or so, and they laughed. Am I wiser, more knowledgeable, a better speaker than I was in 2004? Or have I peeked and now I’m just slowly sliding into irrelevance? Does it matter?

Garrison Keillor wrote:

“Ignore those studies that tout the benefits of a positive outlook. Being stubborn and righteously angry is what’s going to give you staying power.”

Mr. Keillor may be right. But I don’t think so. The path forward isn’t better traveled by negativity and a self-righteous anger. There’s an attitude that helps us, that keeps life better, stronger, and effective. 

Jesus wasn’t self-righteous or angry. Nor did he espouse a Pollyanna attitude. He had enemies. He knew hardship, heartache and sadness. He wept. But his eyes were full of light, his heart filled with love, and each day was lived in service to others. 

To Close


It was great to back at Westbury Christian School. For 15 minutes, I purposed to encourage and build them up, for encouragement has value for all ages and for every season. It’s a matter of perspective, a certain attitude. It’s the heart of Christ.

I look forward to going back in 2030!


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