Where Did I Put My Keys?

Reflections from a sexagenarian. It’s not what you think.

Sexagenarian:a person between sixty and seventy years old.” That’s me.

Actually, I’m 61


However, for my sixtieth birthday, my wife gave me a book that wasn’t about fly fishing or something spiritually uplifting, nope, it was,

“Things To Do When You Turn 60.”


A Good Book?

It turned out to be a good book, full of suggestions about possibilites, adventures, and raising the bar of expectations.

Frankly, turning 60 wasn’t a big deal. The reason is obvious. People are turning 60 at a much younger age than they used to. Sixty is young, and there are 78 million boomers who will back me up.

When I look in the mirror, I don’t see an old person, just someone who isn’t 30. Sure, I have lapses in memory but I can still find my way home every night. I can attend an Eagles concert knowing the band is older than me. During my workout, I can listen to their music with Bluetooth earphones that are wirelessly connected to my iPhone Six Plus. I’m still cool. Sort of.

Getting Better

In 1930, the life expectancy for a newborn white male was sixty. Turning 61 was cheating death and thought a minor miracle. I’m ahead of the curve.

Currently, 13,680 youthful Americans turn 60 every day, that’s 570 per hour. If I play my cards right, the best years of my life are still ahead.

But Here’s A Thought

By the time he was 33, Jesus of Nazareth had achieved the following:

  1. Equipped a group of men to change the world.
  2. Taught the masses about his kingdom.
  3. Reached multitudes with his message.
  4. Fulfilled every prophecy in the Law, Psalms, & Prophets.
  5. Submitted to the cross, was entombed, and resurrected.

I know, he was Emanuel, God with us. Not comparing, only inspired.

To Close

I think about all that’s possible, all that can be acheived. There are more Holy Land tours to lead, new books to write, and a vibrant ministry to serve. I have a family to love and enjoy.

Actually, life looks pretty sweet as a sexagenarian. 

Now, where did I put my keys?

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