The Faces

Someone said, “I’m not two faced, if I had another face I’d wear it.”

Other Face Statements:

  • “He’s just two faced.”
  • “She has a face for everybody.”
  • “They lost face in that deal.”
  • “You need to face your problem.”
  • “Well, I need to get my face on.”

Some People

I’ve known people who had a face for everyone. They were chameleons, blending and adapting to the behavior and attitudes of whomever they were with. That must take a special talent?  

The Faces of Christ

Jesus was the same with everyone. But he did reveal his personality and showed different “faces.” He knew how to be all things to all people, unless the thing was immoral or immaterial.

Remember when Jesus…

  1. held infants in his arms and blessed them?
  2. challenged the Rabbi’s by asking, “Have you not read?”
  3. rebuked Simon for being a stumbling block?
  4. raised the widow of Nain’s son because his heart went out to her?
  5. felt compassion for the crowds who were sheep without a shepherd?
  6. set his face towards Jerusalem and the awaiting cross?
  7. wept with Mary and Martha?
  8. was “frustrated” by his disciple’s lack of faith?

Relating to Jesus

Some can’t relate to Jesus because he lived a perfect life. Thats tough to relate to. But consider that he also cried, felt sadness and happiness, and loved his mom. At times he appeared angry, frustrated, and impatient. Perhaps he wasn’t, but he wasn’t gentle and calm when he drove out the money changers and overturned their tables.

To Close

Look for his face for humanity, it’s there. It was a face full of human emotions. See him on the cross, scorning its shame, and asking…

“My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?”

Our joy is the cross, for it’s an abiding symbol of his mercy and grace. But for Jesus?

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