The Story of One

My name is Richard. But I’ve been Rick or Ricky since birth.

What’s in A Name?

Richard” is a combination of two words:

  1. Ric: ruler, leader, powerful, king
  2. Hard: strong, brave, hardy

Therefore, Richard means “strong in rule.”

Some Things I’ve Ruled

  1. Captain of HS football team
  2. Editor of School Newspaper
  3. President of Hope For Haiti’s Children
  4. Executive Committee of Habitat for Humanity
  5. Milk-Monitor in third grade

A Let Down?

My life fell short of my name. I’m king of nothing, rule nothing, and have never been characterized as powerful, brave, or hardy. However, I totally owned that milk-monitor thing. If you wanted milk then you had to go through me. I ruled.

What’s In A Name?

“Jesus” is the English derivative of the Hebrew word: “Yeshua”

  1. It means salvation.
  2. Or, salvation of God.

Who Did He Save?

  1. A woman caught in adultery
  2. A thief on a cross
  3. Those raised from the dead
  4. A tax collector
  5. Mankind from their sins

A Let Down?

His life lived up to his name. He brought God’s forgiveness. He became King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He was Emanuel, “God with Us.” He was the lamb who took away the sins of the world.

He healed the demon-possessed, the deaf, and the blind. He restored mobility to the lame. Even the lepers knew his healing power. He cleansed our sins and destroyed the power of death. He reigns over us. He rules.

The Bible
Not the savior of the world, but close, really close!

The Prophesy

My name suggested that I’d rule with power, I haven’t. His name suggested that he would save the world. He did.

It was prophesied that Jesus would fulfill everything written about the Messiah in the Law, the Psalms, and the Prophets, he did that too.

To Close

This morning, my sermon will demonstrate that the beatitudes were not just “random” statements, but teaching that came from Isaiah, specifically Isaiah 61. It’s the story of one, of one Savior from Genesis to Revelation.  

It all points to Him!

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