Life In The Back

I’m a front seat guy, usually. 


If given the choice, I’ll sit in the front, the front of the classroom or at the head of the table. I want to be close to the stage at a play, musical, or concert.


Sure. I don’t want the front row in a movie theater or the front table in a restaurant. But otherwise, it’s the front seats for me.


There are advantages to life in the back:

  • There’s anonymity.
  • You can see everybody.
  • It’s where kids can get rowdy.
  • You can sleep, use your phone, or talk.

In my church, people come early to get a back seat. They want to be as far away from me as possible and still be in church. Unless there’s a children’s program. Then people come an hour early to get front-row seats. It’s madness. I’ve seen people get snippy about the front seats at a children’s performance. Then Sunday morning, its back to the back.

I think people sit in the back because there aren’t any chairs in the parking lot.

crowded church
Not my church or my members, not even close. But they sure like to sit in the back!

Other Reasons?

  • People don’t like to be noticed.
  • They’re leaving early and don’t want to be a distraction.
  • They don’t feel well and may have to go out.
  • The want to be the last ones in and the first ones out.

Wednesday Night

We sat in the back this past Wednesday. There was noise and distraction. People arriving late want to sit in the back. It’s funny on Sunday mornings when the only available seats are on the front rows. People who normally populate the back are forced to fill the front. They seem uncomfortable, like they are with foreigners. 

In Closing

Life in the back is different. I guess life in the front is different too. At the end of the day, I’m just glad everyone shows up.

It’s a biased statement, and I have no theology for it, but I think Jesus was a front row person. It’s just a thought.


One thought on “Life In The Back

  1. Last two Sundays my wife and I have sat up front (row six) and I hear a lot better there and enjoy the service more. Suggest all “hearing impaired” members be invited to take a seat up front. They will be glad they did.


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