A Fork In The Road?

Yogi Berra said, “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.”

Good Advice?

It has some folksy wisdom since you’ve got to go one way or the other. It’s a trail trial, a challenge to going forward.

An ATV trip in the Colorado Mountains is a spectacular experience!

Trail Trials

We faced some trail trials on a recent ATV trip in the Colorado Mountains. There were times when we had to go around because the trail was impassable. There were:

  1. Tall snow drifts
  2. Deep mud holes
  3. Fallen trees across the trail
There were several areas that were impassable.

Where There’s a Will

There’s a way. We maneuvered around the obstacles, reached the top and eased over to the other side. But were immediately faced with something new.

It was a herd of elk.

elk herd
They didn’t hurry, didn’t rush, just calmly walked to the trees and were gone.

They were lounging in a meadow below us. We watched for a while then tried to get closer, but couldn’t. They got up and calmly walked to the tree line and disappeared. They were big, powerful, and majestic.

pictures are loaded from thundafunda.com
Seeing elk in the mountains is an amazing thing to see!

Lewis & Clark?

We didn’t blaze a dangerous trail. Stories won’t be told. But there were some places where we might have chosen to turn back.

It wasn’t a rugged trail, but there was an old rugged cross.

I’m so glad we didn’t.

Jesus And Trail Trials?

Luke 9 recorded that Jesus, “Resolutely set his face towards Jerusalem.” He followed his trail to the Holy City, to Passover, and through the gate to Golgotha’s cross.

His trials were of human and Satanic nature. Matthew recorded one that encompassed both. Jesus told his disciples about his impending death. Then Peter responded:

“Never Lord,” he said. “This shall never happen to you.”

“Then Jesus said, ‘Get behind me Satan, you are a stumbling block to me.’”

Our trials weren’t as intense, our stumbling blocks less severe. And at the end we had a beautiful experience. His trials were insanely intense, his stumbling blocks more challenging. And at the end he had the hateful cross.

We dealt with our trials by going around them, moving on to a pleasant place. He dealt with his by going through them, moving on to a determined death.


To Close

There was a fork in the road. We took the easy path. He took the other one. It made all the difference.


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