Homemade Cards Are Best

It’s Father’s Day!

Not a card I ever made for my Dad, but close, really very close.

Some Facts:

  • Sonora Dodd, daughter of a Civil War vet, pushed for a day for Fathers.
  • President Johnson proclaimed the 3rd Sunday in June as Father’s Day.
  • President Nixon made it a Federal holiday.
  • There are 70.1 million Fathers in the US.
  • Father’s Day spending will reach 12.7 billion.
  • Mother’s Day spending reached 21 billion.

Inspired by Fathers

I’m encouraged, and even inspired, when I see men working at being good Fathers. It’s not easy to be a good one. It takes no effort at all to be a bad one.  

Good Fathers are invested in their kids. They aren’t MIA but PAI. (Present and Involved) Good Dads aren’t frustrated when they, “Have to make time,” for their children. They aren’t bothered by their constant need for his help, understanding, and connection.

Dad’s don’t always know the right thing to do, or how to do it. And that’s hard because men derive significance and worth from doing things well. They sometimes avoid the things they are unsure about. But not the parenting, sure or not, Dad’s hang in there. 

Five Characteristics of Great Dads

  1. Has a growing and evident patience.
  2. Can be fun, even silly, but not childish.
  3. Recognizes that parenting is all about the kids.
  4. Believes he is the primary example of faith and Godliness.
  5. Leads his family from his heart and with his mind.

I love watching Dads. They’re busy playing catch, riding bikes, going fishing, playing dolls, having tea parties, attending events, and beaming with pride. Fathers have mastered the art of strutting while sitting down. I know I did. 

Good parenting isn’t instinctive, it isn’t inherited. It requires commitment, effort, and humility. It demands buckets and barrels of love.

To Close

Enjoy the cards and the gifts, and thanks for all you do, you are the best!

Happy Father’s Day!

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