The Constant Counting

How high can you count? Ever tried?  It’s tougher than you think.

Challenges to Counting

  • Falling asleep at 231.
  • The Boss: “Stop counting and start working”
  • Irritating people by counting out loud.
  • Sneezing, losing your place, having to start over.
  • Not sure what comes after a trillion.

Things People Count

People count sheep, their money, and their kids. Some people count beans, like accountants. We count the number of tickets sold. The pills left in a prescription bottle. The miles to get someplace and the miles left to get there. Kids count the days until school is out and the days until Christmas.

We look up into the clear night sky and count the stars.

counting stars
How high can you count? How many stars are there? 

When Something Really Matters

Counting isn’t always about numbers. Teachers say, “This test counts for half your final grade.” Coaches say, “Alright, let’s make this one count!” A patient, “Doctor, does flossing count for every tooth?” The Dentist, “No, just for the ones you want to keep.”

The Spiritual

There’s a book in the bible named Numbers, it counts bunches of stuff.

Pastors and Ministers say, “We’re not all about nickels and noses.” But everything and everyone gets counted all the time.

Jesus appointed twelve apostles. He sent out the seventy. The baptisms on the day of Pentecost were counted. Paul wrote about his persecutions and gave a number for how many times each thing happened.

A Preacher’s Story

During his sermon the preacher noticed a boy looking up at the ceiling. After the service, he asked…

Preacher: “Why were you staring up at the ceiling?”

Boy: “I was counting.”

Preacher: “I see, how high did you get?”

Boy: “176.”

Preacher: “Why did you stop at a hundred and seventy-six?”

The boy: “That’s how many holes are in each of the ceiling tiles.”

To Close

We count the days until vacation, the dollars in the account, and the beds to be made. Lots of things get counted.

But for today, what matters most? What is it that really counts?



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