Baseball’s Grand-Slam!

Our home team Houston Astros are having a winning season.

A Fan

I enjoy baseball. It’s not my favorite sport, but I like it. For me, baseball is better when I’m in the stadium.

The Pace

It’s the pace. Baseball can be a bit slow. Then, just when you are losing interest, BAM, there’s a homer! Everyone leaps to their feet in raucous celebration. 

Saturday Afternoon

The Astro’s were having their, “Faith and Family Night.” That means that after the game there are testimonials from players who are believers, and a concert with a popular Christian band. A group from our church attended the game and the concert.

Except For Us

We were at the game and looking forward to Mercy Me performing. But we had neglected to check our parking ticket stub. We were required to vacate the parking garage by 7:00. The band didn’t start till nearly 7:00. So, we missed it, we missed Mercy Me who is one of our favorite Christian bands. We love their songs about Jesus.

Speaking of Missing It

For some years, it’s been on my mind that Jesus isn’t named in the Old Testament, not in the Law of Moses, the Psalms, or the Prophets. Which seemed odd to me. Why not mention his name? Why not reveal who the Messiah would be?

There are hundreds of Messianic prophecies, but not his name.

Then I discovered something. Jesus was named in the Old Testament, many times. I had missed it and it was right there in plain sight.

To Close

This morning, at the Southeast Church in Friendswood, Texas, I’ll be attempting to teach this discovery to my congregation. If you are local your are welcome to join us at 8:30 or 10:45, or you can watch the live stream:


Like baseball, the scriptures can seem a bit dull or slow in places. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, BAM, there is a homer, a grand-slam! And it’s a get up and celebrate moment!


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