Honring A Special Person

Great organizations have someone making sure everything goes well.


  • Batman had Alfred
  • The Lone Ranger had Tonto
  • The Green Lantern had Kato


  • Elvis had the Colonel
  • The Beetles had Brian Epstein
  • Ralph Kramden had Alice


  • Moses had Aaron
  • Jesus had Peter, James, and John
  • Paul had Barnabas, Timothy, and Titus

Those special servants are more than assistants, coworkers, or employees. They are passionate, gifted, and have skill sets that make the difference between success and failure. Yet, they are not in the spot light and often go unrecognized for their vital contribution.

In My Ministry

I’m the Senior Minster for my congregation. I serve as Chief of Staff and am accountable to our Elder Board for our Minsters, Administrative Team, and for the general vision, growth, and development of our church. Some of that is easily done and some is highly difficult and demanding.

I  couldn’t do it alone if my life depended on it. There are talented and dedicated people taking care of numerous ministries and important tasks. The Lone Ranger may have been the only Ranger, but he still had Tonto and Tonto made all the difference.

A Special Person

Our church has someone who daily makes a huge contribution to our success. She’s our Executive Minister and this year is her twentieth-year at Southeast.

A Few Thoughts

  • She oversees all financials
  • Manages the Admin team
  • Manages everything related to human resource
  • Serves as sounding board and wise counselor
  • Was project manager for the relocation of our church
  • Was project manager for our new Worship Center
  • And so much more

I couldn’t do my job if she wasn’t doing hers. Frankly, she works harder, and longer, and routinely sacrifices more than I do.

She is the constant presence, the steadfast anchor, and the beating heart of our office and church administration.

To Close

This morning, in each service, we’ll take a moment to appreciate her twenty-years of service to God and to our church.

Our Executive Minister, Anchor, and Servant!

Thank you, Debbie. You are the best, and keep us looking better than we are.

God Bless You!

2 thoughts on “Honring A Special Person

  1. Thank you Debbie . You are all they say about you . And you have beautiful daughters and grands. Thanks again.


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