Being A Power-Tasker

This blog is about multi-tasking.

Not True

I’m recovering the claim that women are better multi-taskers. Not true. I myself can multi-task very well. In fact, I’ve been described as a Power-Tasker.

Just In Case

If you don’t know what it is to multi-task:

  • It’s doing more than one thing at a time.
  • Mental flexibility for simultaneously processing multiple ideas.
  • The appearance of having more than two hands.
  • Ability to give birth to a human child.

Giving Birth?

Sure, it has to do with being a Mother. You’ve seen Moms in public. They carry a child in one arm, push a baby stroller with the other arm, have a diaper bag over one shoulder, a purse on the other,  manage a satchel from work, packages from shopping, and then talk with a cell phone between their cheek and shoulder.

Now That’s Multi-Tasking, Good Thing She Has A Supportive Husband


Sure, it’s impressive. They are to be commended, even rewarded. Maybe a ceremony! It would make the local paper and the 6:00 news.

“Local Woman Wins Multi-Tasker of the Year”

And Men?

Well, men are less adept. First, they’re incapable of giving birth. They rarely carry a purse. And couldn’t keep a cell phone between their face and shoulder if their lives depended on it. However, when necessary, men can multi-task, it’s uncommon, but it does happen, it’s been seen. 


Men don’t like making more than one trip for anything. If they’re carrying groceries, they’ll grab three, four, or five plastic bags in each hand. Blood circulation will cease, their hands will cramp, and the plastic will start cutting. But it’ll get done in one trip. They aren’t going back.

It’s true for taking out the trash, unloading the car after a trip, and other things.

To Close

It’s true. I have been referred to as Power-Tasker. So far, I’m the only one saying it, but still, I can multi-task with the best of them.

My secret? I think through the multiple tasks needing to be done, make a list, and then approach each task in order, one at a time, I’m a Power-Tasker. 


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