May 31, Judgment Day?

It’s the last day of May. 

Month of May

  • My Dad’s birthday
  • My birthday
  • Some close friend’s birthdays
  • May showers
  • Cinco de Mayo

That doesn’t sound like much. But I guess it is. Every month has something that’s good for someone. Every month has birthdays, holidays, or days that are special. 

Last Day of May

  • No one in my family was born on May 31.
  • Are there any holidays happening today?
  • I have nothing exciting to do.
  • June has some things I’m excited about.
  • It’s Clint Eastwood’s birthday, but, that doesn’t do much for me.

It’s just the end of the month, nothing special.


It might be special, it could be, I might…

  • Win the lottery! (I have never bought a ticket)
  • Win a sweepstake (I think you have to enter or something)
  • Go someplace exciting! (Nope, it’s a regular work day)
  • Inherit a fortune. (none of my relatives have fortunes)
  • Jesus could come today. (What?)


Now Jesus our Messiah:

“No one knows about that day, or hour, not even the angels in heaven…”

Some believe that verse refers to the destruction of Jerusalem. Some believe it’s a reference to the coming of Christ. Some believe it’s a double prophecy and applies to both.

Either way, since no one knows, its possible that the final coming of the Lord could be today, May 31, 2017.

Judgment Day didn’t happen on May 21, 2011. But it could today!

Do I think he will? No, probably not, it doesn’t seem like a day he would come. But he might, it could happen. It behooves us all to be ready. Am I? Are you?

To Close

Today is the last day of May. It doesn’t feel special, it’s just the end of the month. But wouldn’t it be something if Jesus came today! 

Wow, Jesus’ return on May 31! Who would have thought it?


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