Kids and Summer

Across America children are celebrating.

The Children  

  1. Laughing hysterically
  2. Jumping for joy
  3. Smiling ear to ear
  4. Trashing their school stuff
  5. Excited about the summer

The Parents

  1. NOT


No Doubt

Not to oversell it, because there’s likely some parents who are glad to have their kids home for the summer. On the other hand, there are parents who have not been idle. They have been scheduling activities, events, and trips for their kids.

  1. Church camp
  2. Maybe a 2nd camp with another church
  3. A week with grandparents
  4. A week with the other grandparents
  5. Scouting events
  6. Cheer leading camps
  7. Band camps
  8. Sports camps
  9. Day trips

With careful planning, parents can reduce the number of weeks the kids are home from 13 to about 6. Who knows, the grandparents might be up for two weeks each! That would  bring it down to 4 weeks. You’ll take them on vacation for a week or two, so really, if you handle it right, you could get it down to just 2 weeks of kids as home.


Then BAM! It’s suddenly time for new back packs, school supplies, and clothes. And once again, they’re off for the next step towards becoming reasonably adjusted adults. Society will welcome them gladly. 

To Close

To all the parents I say, “Good luck and be careful and try to hang in there.” To all the kids I say, “Its summer! Go have fun. Be kids, be cool, and be smart. Adult life with its gut wrenching responsibilities will come soon enough.”


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