Are People Inconvenient?

There’s no good way to say this, so here goes. People can be inconvenient.

My Thursday

Thursday is my day for sermon prep. I typically don’t schedule meetings, appointments, or lunches. It’s a day for studying and thinking.

What Happened?

  1. I was working early in a quiet coffee shop when a big group came in for a meeting. They were loud and proud.
  2. I was trying to ignore them when I heard my name. A friend came in for a meeting of his own, and engaged me while he waited for his companion.
  3. I left. Got settled at my desk when a call came in. One of our members was in serious trouble, I spent time on the phone and in prayer. It was difficult.
  4. Then, I went to the Worship Center to help with a video our Media Manager is producing. Back to the office.
  5. I was getting reinvested when someone dropped by to say hello. I said hello, we visited for a while. Back to work.
  6. Then a family stopped by and asked to see me. The kids were adorable, I’ve known them for years. Back to work.
  7. Then a need was brought to my attention that required the use of my MacBook for a while. I left the building.
  8. I returned, but several calls, texts, and emails needed my attention, as well as additional interruptions.
  9. It was a tough day for sermon prep and I’m not close to being ready.
Not me or my desk, but close, really very close!

Some Perspective

The friend at the coffee shop has been a blessing to my life for twenty years. The people in crisis had needs far more important than anything I was doing. The people stopping to see me were precious and mean a great deal to me. Not all the calls, texts, and emails were crucial, but still, they were important to others.

People and friendships. Interruptions and needs. Connection can be messy.

To Close

Thursday prep day? I got nothing accomplished. Or did I?

There’s a good way to say this, people are essential and worthy of our attention, support, and our love.


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